The accidents during NASCAR races

Nascar crash

Nascar crash

NASCAR races are very important for every car-lover. They are broadcasted in 150 countries and watched by the millions of people around the world. Mostly, they want to watch NASCAR races in order to support their representatives. But not only because of that. Many watchers pay attention to them in order to watch some thrilling situations. There are many accidents, which happen during those competitions. Let’s learn more about some of them!

It is worth to say that such races are very dangerous. Together, 44 competitors have died due to the accidents, which happened while they were competing or practicing for this competition. Very often all of the watchers witnessed those fatalities. For example in 1964, one of the racers called Joe Weatherly hit the wall. As a result of which, his head was thrown out of the car and he died at the scene. This tragedy happened because of some factors. After analyzing them, there is no doubt that the tragedy was avoidable. First of all, the driver didn’t have a window net. Also, before getting in, he chose lap belt instead of shoulder harness. His death was a great loss, because he had won NASCAR championships four times. After this fatal accidents, both shoulder harness and window net became obligatory in every car. In 1964 they were only recommended.

Another big fatal accident connected with NASCAR championships took place in 1975. This one was much more spectacular. Racer Louis “Tiny” Lund’s car – Dodge crashed with another competitor John Delphus McDuffie’s Pontiac. Suddenly the cars simply exploded. Dodge was also hit by the car of Terry Link. Actually, eight cars crashed. The dust hovered over the place of the accident. It all looked very terrifying and their results were also very tragic. Tiny, who still belongs to one of 50 greatest drivers, died from the chest injury. There were many factors contributing to this crash.

The organizations took a lesson after every crash and made an improvement when it comes to the competitors’ safety. I’m happy to say that with the passage of time, there are less and less victims of the race driving. The last one was a Mexican driver Carlos Pardo, who died in 2009. After being hit, he lost control and drove into the wall with the speed 200 mph. No wonder that the accident ended so tragic. Also his car was totally damaged. The main factor of that mistake was the human mistake. Something like this is hard to be avoided by the organizers.

There have been many serious accidents, which did not end with the death of any of the racers. The largest wreck in the history of NASCAR involved 73 cars, 37 of which got out of field. It is difficult to believe that no one got very seriously injured on such a crash. However, it all looked very thrilling. Thanks God that after this accident, the organizers decided to enlarge the field for racing. It’s really great that they tend to search for the things to improve every time a wreck happens.

Without doubt are NASCAR competitions very risky for the lives of the participants. Since the start of this championship in 1947, many people have got seriously injured or even have died while competing. Right now, the racers are much safer and not so many accidents happen. However, if someone wants to watch NASCAR in order to get thrilled, it’d be better for that person to search for the accidents from the history of that competition. They are much more exciting!

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